Views from around the universe


Views from around the universe is a collection of thoughts, definitions, stories and testimonials from the planets of the universe. Except planet Earth — so far.

With some hesitation we have listened to our best thinkers who have urged us, in the face of present developments, to share some of our insights with planet Earth so that we might not become complicit in the destruction of this planet.

Therefore we chose a number of digital presentations (called websites on planet Earth) to contribute to the future of this planet.

All names and origins of our writers have been omitted to ensure unbiased reading. The names can be found in the great ledger of the universe, a copy of which is available on all planets. Except on planet Earth. You know why.


business, doing

Views from around the universe

doing business = a way of providing goods

doing business = a way of providing what is needed

doing business = a way of exchanging good


Views from around the universe

charity = a facilitator of dysfunctional governments

charity = a way to make money while appearing to be generous

charity = the best way to ensure that no one will demand substantial change


Views from around the universe

consequences = on planet Earth many seem to believe that consequences are always for others

consequences = Much progress could be achieved by humanity, if they scrutinised all their practices to find out what the consequences of their actions are. What are the consequences if the air is polluted? What are the consequences if the land is poisoned by the debris of war? What are the consequences if resources are sold into the hands of a few individuals? What are the consequences of producing more and more rubbish? The list of unheeded consequences is painfully long on planet Earth.

consequences = Humans tend to be so afraid of failure that they have made it a custom not to ask which consequences their actions might have.


Views from around the universe

foundations = not easy to pinpoint. Some seem to do good work (which wouldn’t be necessary if fundamental questions were tackled). Others seem to provide a framework or maybe even an excuse for lavish festivities.

foundations = I agree with other writers. Foundations on planet Earth can be quite ambiguous. What I noticed is that they tend to attract self-righteous people and in some cases the staff develop an unfortunate superiority complex.

foundations = Foundations of what? I always wonder. And then I think, yes, these could be organisations who build and nurture a foundation for a healthy global society and an intact ecosystem.


Views from around the universe

freedom = On planet Earth freedom often means that a stronger party has the freedom to tell the weaker party how it should act.

freedom = What only few humans have discovered so far is that freedom, true freedom, excepts boundaries. Freedom is never a legitimisation to exploit or disrespect or oppress others.

freedom = On our planet we went on a long journey to discover what freedom is, for us, for our fellow citizens, for our planet. This journey is worthwhile taking. We will say no more because this kind of journey comes without a rulebook.


Views from around the universe

investments = Strangely earthlings invest in order to find a higher number on their balance sheet. They seem to have little interest in investing in the survival of their kind, which would make so much more sense.

investments = On our planet an investment means that we entrust a promising member or group of our community with using our skills and resources to create something we need and want. On planet Earth investments seem to have been reduced to a numbers games that rarely creates anything, and often destroys.

investments = For the members of our society investment starts with the individual. We invest in our health by taking care of ourselves. We invest in our communities by communicating with each other and ensuring that what we add fits our needs and wishes. We invest in our future by exploring and protecting the planet we call our home. We invest in our happiness by making sure that we have ample opportunity to mix and mingle, to dance and feast. We invest in our lives by making sure to find out what our skills and passions are so that our contributions might yield the greatest benefit. We rarely invest with money. We found that we are, like Earth humans, prone to gambling habits which might increase the amount of gold but which had too many negative effects on us. However, we heard about an approach on planet (…) we might test. Apparently the people of planet (…) work with profit and price corridors, and a mix of trading and pausing periods. This seems to allow for investments which have positive effects while avoiding most of the negative effects.


Views from around the universe

laws = What puzzles us about humans is that they have a tendency to follow laws which are decades and even centuries old. How can the lawmakers from far beyond the grave have known which laws are needed today?

laws = Humans really are strange. On the one hand they have this great desire, thirst even, for freedom. On the other hand, they bury themselves in mountains of laws, many of which are outdated and unfit for purpose — and worse, many of which can be circumvented. The best advice we can give humanity is to start from scratch, keep laws simple and avoid all loopholes.

laws = Ah, laws. Humans and their need for law and order. Why? What is it that makes laws necessary? Isn’t it better to negotiate with one another what should guide the members of a community? But then, many Earth humans have forsaken the tribe, the group, the entity that evolves together.

laws = laws replace the need to think and decide what the decent action might be in any given situation — or so it would seem if you watch humans.


Views from around the universe

philanthropy = What surprises me is that the love of every human isn’t a natural state of mind in every human. After all the human is quite amazing. What surprises me more is that philanthropy is treated as a remarkable, honourable characteristic, reserved for a few (mostly rich) individuals. And to add a third surprise, philanthropy seems to regard most humans as pitiable creatures instead of celebrating every human. After all, the human is quite amazing, and I don’t mind repeating it.

philanthropy = Good work is being done by those who have been labelled philanthropists. And despite all critique, if more earthlings joined in the efforts to make their planet a planet where every creature is treated with respect, then much could be gained and the worst effects of neglect in the past centuries could be tackled.

philanthropy = Some say it has been invented because rich people got bored. Others say that without philanthropy planet Earth would already be in ruins. I think, it would help the Earth humans to learn to love themselves.

prices, exploding

Views from around the universe

exploding prices = a sick invention of earth humans. What puzzles us most about this is that it has survived so long and that there are still so many believers in the justifications for this.

Take for example gas price explosions – is it suddenly more expensive to get gas, do the employees earn more? No. The only reason, prices go up is because of some sick game that is played on the so called stock markets.

exploding prices = A proof that the stock markets full of irrational gamblers.

exploding prices = And indication that Earth still doesn’t understand that it only has this one planet, and that these kindergarten games damage everyone, sooner or later.


Views from around the universe

ripples = We learned the hard way on our planet. A bit like on planet Earth we kept acting in a way that send destructive ripple effects across our planet. And it was a quiet observer who one day pointed out: You know, ripples do work with positive impulses too. You can infect people to keep destroying their home, or you can infect them to rebuild, heal and nourish their home and themselves. Each direction has the potential of billions of ripple effects.

ripples = positive ripple effects are always amazing. On our planet this observation has let to a kind of competition to create ideas, towns, businesses with the greatest amount of beneficial ripple effects, and that created even more positive impulses.

ripples = Some planets worship miracles. Ours is one of them. And to us the greatest miracle is to watch an action, an idea, a business, a policy create the kind of ripple effects that make you gape in wonder at what can be achieved by a small change, a small idea if it is given room to spread.


Views from around the universe

taxes = It’s astonishing that there is still no proper rethink underway, not in terms of the justifications for (which) taxes, the use of tax money nor the amount of taxes to be paid

taxes = When will the Earth governments be held responsible for all the money they waste?

taxes = That is some hide and seek game, people on planet Earth play, isn’t it?

taxes = Earthlings like the fact that their tax systems have major loophole. That way they can play the game: Who is best in screwing the government?

taxes = Needs a rethink. A sober, down to earth question about what governments are for, what they should get money for, and how they can be held responsible. And on the tax payers side, there should be a simple, comprehensible, just tax and an understanding what and why this is paid.


Views from around the universe

trust = Our thinkers define trust as a state of ease, because when a person can trust another person, group or organisation, then the person doesn’t have to worry about encountering surprises. However, one of our leaders pointed out that by this definition trust is undesirable, because it leads people to thoughtlessness. It would be better to develop a concept whereby we acknowledge that our fellow citizens can get things wrong or might have to change a planned course of action after receiving new information. Therefore no one can be relied on for a longer duration of time and all concerned are better off employing there own potential to think. A member of our council picked up this line of thought and added: In that case the most beneficial trust we can create the basis for is the one were we can trust each other to stand by our mistakes, miscalculations and changes of mind.

trust = trust is easier when we allow for the fact that people change, and that change is usually a good thing.

trust = It’s tricky. So much is build on false trust, on faulty narratives. We fear that humans need to do a lot of decluttering plus the a reevaluation of mistakes. Only where mistakes are taken as chances and where people can admit to them, will they provide a basis for trust.

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