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to finance them all

The ripples foundation will provide the legal framework for all easy town projects, and finance them all until they can stand on their own feet.

Many easy town projects originate in the easy town books and include ideas for new business practices, for thriving towns, for an open-minded approach to the human sexuality, and for stories which create visions for a future that isn’t quite as screwed up as it will be if we don’t do some proper rethinking and reshaping of– well, practically everything.

But the beauty in all this is, that we can use all our ingenuity to find out what is possible, what we can create, what we can restore — if we put our minds to it.

All projects are designed in a way that they have the potential to create positive ripple effects in people’s personal lives, in communities and for the planet.

All projects are in the idea stage, some have made great leaps already and present complex and intertwined ideas. For the next leaps finance and teams are needed.

Main project areas

Turn the world upside down to give it a good shake

business ideas

rethinking business practices, image

The following three business ideas are the furthest developed.

The Hub, rethinking the internet

dot.International, rethinking how we do business

book stations, ideas for the future of books

town ideas

rethinking towns & cities, image

Ideas for thriving and inspiring towns mostly start with the question: What if a town had a purpose?


‘At its core the Easy Town experiment is about being curious, about trying out visions, about exploring and playing around with ideas, testing the limits of the possible, daring to try out the unconventional, questioning the inevitable, allowing for complexity.’

book 1, beginning


rethinking, talk about sex, image

Unexpectedly, the human sexuality has become a cornerstone in the easy town projects.


This whole fuss about our sexuality is one of the major things that screws with us. We have to dig in bluntly to unearth everything we humans have made weird.’

book 2/1, travelling, San Francisco


stories, image

Apart from completing the easy town books, other story projects include: movies, TV series, plays, rethinking damaging narratives, and more.


Stories are a gateway to change.

notes for book 3, shaping

For more detailed introductions see the easy town ideas website.


To help finance the projects visit the easy town ideas website.


‘You know how people tend to say: “But who will pay for all this?” I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that from now on my response will be: “So long as you find the money for subsidies, state receptions, the entertainment industry, the military, or for bribes for political and economical gain, and for all the other kinds of ambiguous expenses, I will not think about this question again.” And I might add: “Probable fun fact: if we build our town and do a good job with our experiments, then many government expenses won’t be necessary any more.”’

notes for book 4/1, building


Take a look at the introductions of the easy town business ideas and the ideas for towns & cities

The Hub Tour, download

Rethinking the internet

dot.tour, cover

Rethinking business practices & aspects of the fashion industry

book stations tour, cover

Rethinking business practices and ideas for the future of books

42 towns and counting, teaser, cover

Teaser for the upcoming collection 42 towns and counting, ideas for thriving and inspiring towns

Support the easy town projects

setting sail, title image for supporting the easy town projects

Rethinking how we do business is essential for a thriving and sustainable future.

Building new businesses which empower creatives, craftspeople, customers and communities alike might be a ticket to that future.

You can support the further development of all easy town projects with a donation, with your expertise, with the purchase of a photo print by Charlie Alice Raya, or with the purchase of an easy town book.

Find out more on the easy town ideas website >

Take a look

The easy town projects are presented on nine websites
to give the various subjects and projects their own space.


Photo special & stories special

The author’s favourites

energies, part II, by Charlie Alice Raya

Charlie Alice Raya is the author of the easy town books, the creator of all easy town websites and a photographer.

On this website you can take a look at the author’s favourite photographs, most of which are already available as photo prints in support of the easy town projects.

universe, title image, by Charlie Alice Raya

Views from around the universe

Views from around the universe started as a collection of thoughts to deal with my anger about the war in Ukraine. By now many more views from the planets of the universe have been added, some of which are published on this website. More can be found on the other easy town websites.


views from around the universe, book cover, Charlie Alice Raya

Views from around the universe

Views from around the universe is now available for readings, pre-orders and donations.

Views from around the universe, volume 1, a collection of views, insights, comments and short stories shared by the planets of the universe with the people of planet Earth.

Find out more on the easy town ideas website >


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